Custom Low Moq Reusable Beer Cup 12oz Stainless Steel Beer Mugs

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Hot sale items: Double wall vacuum beer bottles

Item NO.: SDO-R001-X

Weight: 265g

Products size: 8.5×8.5×26.3cm

Usage: Put beer bottle into this vacuum box

package: With pp bag;white box;5 layer carton;

Insulation: Keep cold more than 8 hours

CTN Meas: 53*36*28.3cm


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1. The glass specially designed for the heat preservation of beer bottles can be put into the whole glass beer bottle, which can keep the ice of ice beer. When you are ready to have a party, you can put the cold beer into this thermos beer bottle. When guests come, they can open it at any time.
2. The design of three parts, the bottom is a double-layer stainless steel vacuum cup design, which can keep the temperature; In the middle is food grade PP plastic design, which fits the shape of glass bottle to prevent shaking; There is a bottle opener design on the top. When you want to open the bottle for drinking, you just need to turn off the top cap. There is also a bottle opener on the cap, which you can use to open the bottle cap.
3. The bottle patterns in various colors make the bottle look more fashionable and beautiful. You can also choose the effect of solid paint or spray painting. The color of the plastic part can also be made according to the customer's preference. As long as you provide Pantone color code to us, we can make it for you.


How to choose vacuum flask?

1. look at the appearance of the cup. Check whether the surface polishing of the inner and outer bladder is uniform, and whether there are bruises and scratches;
2. check whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to whether it is comfortable to drink together;
3. the quality of plastic parts is poor. It will not only affect the service life, but also affect the sanitation of drinking water;
4. check whether the internal seal is tight. Check whether the screw plug and cup body fit properly. Whether the screw in and screw out are free and whether there is water leakage. Fill a glass of water and invert it for four or five minutes or shake it vigorously to verify whether there is water leakage. Then look at the thermal insulation performance, which is the main technical index of the thermal insulation cup. It is impossible to check according to the standard when purchasing, but it can be checked by hand after being filled with hot water. The lower part of the cup will heat up after two minutes of hot water is filled in the cup without heat preservation, while the lower part of the cup with heat preservation is always cool.


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