1L Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask with tea infuser

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1. This vacuum flask with good shape, and the cover is outer stainless steel inner touch water parts also is stainless steel,it is more healthy!
2. It is with high quality ,it can keep cold & hot more than 24 hours.
3. The hot sale capacity 800ml and 1000ml.

Product Name: 1L Vacuum Flask with tea infuser
Material: 316/304/201 Stainless Steel
Performace: Keep cold & Hot
Color: Customized
Package: Bubble Bag+Egg Crate or according to your request
Certificate: LFGB,FDA,BPA Free

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Model SDO-BI80 SDO-BI100
Capacity 800ML 1000ML
Packing 24PCS 24PCS
N.W 10.5KGS 11.4 KGS
G.W 13 KGS 13.9 KGS
Meas 50X34X30.8cm 50X34X32 cm


The appearance is smooth and clean without peculiar smell. After the boiling water is injected, the holding of a thermos cup without heat sensation can be called a good cup.

The interior and exterior are made of stainless steel, refined by advanced vacuum technology, elegant in shape, seamless in liner, good in sealing performance, and good in heat preservation. You can put ice cubes or hot drinks. At the same time, functional innovation and detailed design also make the new insulation cup more meaningful and practical.

Regarding the specification and safe use of Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask with tea infuser
First of all, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the stainless steel thermos cup before use. The safer method is to use boiling water or neutral detergent to scald and disinfect.

Secondly, it should be noted that the stainless steel thermos cup can not hold everything. It is not suitable to hold acid and alkali corrosive liquids, so as not to damage the inner tank and sealing cover; it is not suitable to hold dry ice, carbonated drinks, etc., so as to avoid the continuous generation of carbon dioxide inside the cup to increase the pressure in the cup, causing the cup cover to come out, which may cause injury; it is not suitable for a long time Containing high-protein foods such as soy milk and milk are easy to breed bacteria and cause nutrient loss; it is not suitable to contain acidic foods such as fruit juice for a long time, so as to avoid electrochemical reactions in the inner tank of the stainless steel thermos cup, which will affect human health.

Third, pay attention to personal safety when using stainless steel thermos cups. When filling boiling water, be careful not to fill it too full. It is recommended to be at least 2 cm below the bottle mouth to prevent boiling water from overflowing and scalding when the lid is opened; do not shake the stainless steel thermos cup violently when the lid is closed to prevent pressurization inside the cup. Injured by a popped lid or hot water spray when opening the lid. Children should be supervised by their parents when using stainless steel thermos cups, and avoid holding liquids over 50°C to avoid the risk of scalding children.

Fourth, avoid beating and bumping the stainless steel thermos cup during use, so as not to cause damage or deformation of the cup body. If the welded part is no longer firm, it will destroy the heat preservation effect and shorten the service life of the thermos cup.

Finally, remember to clean the stainless steel vacuum flask regularly. When cleaning, it is advisable to use a soft cloth to avoid vigorous friction, and it is not suitable to be boiled for disinfection. If it is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and fully dried.


Payment & Shipping

Payment ways:T/T,L/C,DP,DA,Paypal and others
Payment terms:30% T/T in advance,70% T/T balance against B/L copy
Loading port:NINGBO or SHANGHAI port
Shipping:DHL,TNT,LCL,loading container

Type:1L Vacuum Flask With Tea Infuser
Finishing:spary painting;powder coating;air transfer printing, water transfer printing,UV ,etc.
Sample Time:7 days
Lead Time: 35 days


construction area: 36000 square meters

Employees: about 460

sales amount in 2021: about USD20,000,000

Daily output: 60000pcs/day


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